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About Us!

KwikRents is an industry leader in the digital marketing era of property management. With more than 15 years of experience, we continue to utilize state of the art technology to optimize your google ads campaign. We are dedicated to building long term win-win relationships for the simple reason that we want to succeed together. We know property management the best that is why we strictly focus on that industry. KwikRents targets property owner leads and not tenants. We ensure your website traffic is new valid prospects and not existing residents.

Loyalty is a key value of KwikRents. Lots of pay per click companies reach out to your own competitors to obtain more revenue for themselves. This will only raise your budget while making your campaign less effective. We only work with one property management company in the area.

Let KwikRents leverage the power of Google Ads for you!

Propel your business forward with proven technology that delivers results.

Keyword Research

Without effective keyword research, your campaign will be less profitable. Using our in-depth knowledge of property management and the tools at our disposal, our team will find negative and positive keywords that optimize your campaign.

Audience Targeting

One of the biggest concerns for property management companies is defining target audiences. Using our industry knowledge and discussing your business goals, we will determine the correct audience for your business.

A/B Testing

We’re constantly testing your campaign to find out what is effective. Changes are made to your campaign accordingly.

Conversion Tracking

Each month, we produce a report summarizing the performance of your campaign. We track click through rates, conversion rate, cost per click, device breakdown, etc.

What We Offer!

KwikRents does it all and more!

Services Include

Market/Location analysis

Google AdWords PPC account setup

Google search partners & display network setup

Keyword research & implementation

Creation of national & geo-yargeted ad groups

Development of custom, optimized ads

Ongoing a/b testing of ads

Bid management (Cost-Per-Click Optimization)


Detailed performance monitoring

Monthly reports


No set up fee

$750 flat monthly management fee

Month to month contract

No cap on your ad spending

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our customers. For more
information please contact us.


Can I turn my campaign off anytime?

Yes, we can pause or turn your campaign off at anytime. Just reach out to us and communicate your needs.


Can I adjust my monthly budget after signing a contract?

Yes, you can adjust your monthly budget at any point. However, if it is later on in the month, your campaign might have already reached your new desired budget so it is more beneficial to change your budget at the beginning of the month.


Can I control what location my ads pop up in?

Yes, we can set target locations and exclude certain areas.


Will you work with my competitors?

Absolutely not, loyalty is one of our top values here at KwikRents. Once you sign up with us in a certain area, we do not work with any other company within the same area.

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